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LaszloNagy wrote: Sun Apr 25, 2021 11:10 am
Erwin Edel wrote: Tue Apr 20, 2021 3:21 pmRevit architecture and Revit structure are two separate programs for a reason and from what I understand are not really interchangeable either.

Just a note here: as far as I know, for several years now, there is only a single Revit application, which includes all disciplines. There used to be separate apps for different disciplines, but not anymore.
That's interesting since for a structural floor plan you show a slab and the structure that supports it (which is below the slab), where as an architectural floor plan shows the slab and the structure on top of it.

The only way to really achieve this in archicad is stacking views with different layer combinations, since the program is pretty much set up to display things above your floor plan, not below. You can of course show things below with the floor plan range, but you can't easily exclude the things on the actual floor plan.

I would imagine Revit runs in to much the same problems.
We work with structural engineers that are live in the archicad model. There are several such firms out there and we have found this to be an excellent workflow for many years now. I have personally pulled some of these engineers into the archicad world years ago because of the potential for integration.
As for the SAM I don't think they are using those tools in their workflow as their AC workflow predates AC24 and runs a parallel path to the SAM approach while achieving excellent results for our collaborative workflow.
I am not sure if SAM (structural analytical model) can be exported into most of the prevalent structural design and analysis software, other than RISA or SCIA. However, It would make the existence of SAM more useful if it can straight away be (whether in current excel format or any other) exported to/supported by other structural design tools such as:
  • STAAD Pro,
    Tekla Structural Design,
    Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis,
    SAP2000, etc.
Without having the workflow with the above-mentioned tools, the structural capability projection will remain untapped for the most part