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By sboydturner
On the mobile (iPhone iOS 11.2.6) signatures are not displayed even though setting selected to display signatures
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By Barry Kelly
You beat me too it!

By strangeday
Hello!...I wouldn't say nonsense...but seems to me that the forum has a sort of adaptive layout scheme.....for me( I'm on lumia 950xl, windows 10 mobile) the signature appear only when i rotate my phone in landscape mode( and in the main page of the forum have a visualization similar to desktop) on the contrary when in portrait orientation some element are hidden.....probably to make the post more readable
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By LaszloNagy
I was informed by the developers that this adaptive layout functionality is a feature of the forum software (and actually a feature of many modern websites nowadays). It was actually created by the developers of the Theme the phpbb forum software is using. They were the ones who decided when and how to show signatures on what hardware/software combo, at what resolution, at Portrait/Landscape, etc.