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By Lingwisyer
Why can words defined as "Must Be Found" (+) within a search be ignored...

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By Barry Kelly
It might depend on the word - could be too common or to short.

If I search for +must +be +found then it will ignore 'be' because it is too common but will find all post with both 'must' and 'found'.
Oddly it will still highlight 'be' if it is there.

By Lingwisyer
Are threads searched as a whole or by post?

Still, I think that if you type +"Must be found" it should search for the whole phrase rather than breaking it up and ignoring what it wants... A while back I went looking back for posts regarding "corner door(s)" but given this ignore function, could only search for "corner" which if anything, is the least important part of the search query...

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By Barry Kelly
I don't really know how the search works.
But I wouldn't search for 'door(s)' if you want 'door' or 'doors'.
I would just use '+corner +door' or '+corner +door*'

Oddly though the word 'door' is ignored even though it highlights in the results.
Also 'window' is ignored when used - as in '+corner +window'.
But 'column' is fine - as in '+corner +column'.

There must be a list of common words to ignore.
Searching for '+corner +door' gives the same results as searching for just '+corner'.

You would think 'door' and 'window' would be pretty important words to search for in a CAD forum.

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By Karl Ottenstein
A frustrating limitation of the Search function built into these forums has always been that very short words, such as "GDL", "MEP", "PDF", "22" etc are not searched at all.

The answer is to perform a Google (or Bing, etc) search instead.

In the Google search bar, enter your phrase, and append "" at the end, e.g.,

GDL new features 22