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By Karl Ottenstein
Hi Aaron,

I've created a simple yes/no poll here: ... hp?t=36759

I do think the script thing would be pretty simple. As far as I know, it is just copied onto the server. Graphisoft's own web site should even have a mobile version... most companies are behind the 8 ball on that, so cannot fault them, but it is sure nice when you hit a site that recognizes a mobile browser.

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By owen
ha! I just followed a link to the forums on my iPad and had a pop-up asking if I would be interested in viewing an app to read the forums. Clicked yes and it took me to the App Store page for TouchBB

installed and the app says it cannot read the forums :(

half way there .. keep on asking Aaron ;)
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By LaszloNagy
Aaron, I have to ask you to stop posting this every Monday.
These posts have no use to anyone on this forum.
In all ArchiCAD-related issues one can communicate his/her message. But if he/she is only repeating it over and over, that is just spam.
Just imagine everyone posting his/her favorite problem/issue/wish on the forum every single week.
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By Aaron Bourgoin

I give up. Silence carries the day.

Please delete this thread. I can't delete my posts, nor can I edit them in such a way that they're empty.
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By LaszloNagy
I don't want to delete this whole thread because it is a forum feature request/wish.
I don't know what priority it has with Graphisoft but there is a possibility (as with every wish) that at some point it will be implemented.
And I know that some people on this forum supported it and that is also a good point of reference for later.