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I've noticed over the past month quite a few people making posts that quote other posts, or use italics and other formatting and yet appear posted with BBCode tags (similar thing to HTML tags) rather than truly formatted.

You must enable BBCode for tags in your posts to be interpreted as formatting. NOT enabling BBCode has no real benefits.

So, if you make a post and you see things like:
[quote] something said [/quote] [i]hello[/i] other words... things in square brackets [] ... then you have BBCode disabled. Please don't just leave your post... click the Edit button at the top right of your post and under Options, enable BBCode.

I've been doing this manually to some people's posts when I have time.

Better yet, change your Profile (Profile text link in the top banner of each forum page) ... to "Always allow BBCode". See attached screenshot.

A guide to the BBCode formatting possibilities is here:

Thanks. :-)

Part of the "Preferences" section of each user's Profile...
Part of the "Preferences" section of each user's Profile...
Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 12.38.39 PM.png (24.74 KiB) Viewed 4742 times
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Also... some people who ARE using BBCode, occasionally use a really large font in red or some other color. [I often edit these posts to make them look 'normal'.] That's pretty much the same as typing in all caps (= shouting / rude)... please avoid. :-)