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By Stress Co.
Joseph Harouni wrote:how do we get an email notification when a topic is answered or followed
Go: "Control Panel" > Board Preferences > Edit Notification Options
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By David Collins
I think I'm being fairly mature about allowing myself time to get used to the "renewed look" of Archicad-Talk, but one thing I do miss from the old format is the way the it would display the first fifty words or so of a new post. Titles rarely give enough information about what the conversation is about and often the most interesting thing about a string would be the side-issues and new directions a discussion would take in later posts. I see that the search feature for allows the return of the first characters in a post. Could this be optionally enabled in the general display of new posts?
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By LaszloNagy
Unfortunately, I do not see any such setting that would make this possible.
You can look at the display options in your User Profile. On the "Board Preferences" Tab, choose the "Edit Display Options" page and there you will see what kind of options you have for displaying posts.
These settings are hard-wired into the forum software and I am afraid cannot be modified.
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By Lingwisyer
Quite a few threads I've read have a reply by the OP after the "solution" marked as the "solution"... Seems like some people haven't realised that the function marks the post selected and links it to the beginning to be easy to find...