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By mikas
Everyone must have seen the spam flowing in. I wonder if there is a specific IP to block by the forum administrators, or maybe it's a more difficult attack to deal with? I haven't seen this kind of spam attack anywhere on the other forums I use (and also administer one), at least not at the moment of writing this.

I really don't understand what they (spammers) are trying to achieve with this.

ps. it's 15 pages of spam already in here, huh.
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By ejrolon
Just did a clean out of them. AFAIK banning IP might not be enough to stop it since most are dynamic addresses. My guess is that they are exploiting a bug in the Forum software and we will need to wait for the patch. Usually that is handled by GS and besides being the weekend they have next Monday and Tuesday off.
Looks like us moderators are going to be "banhammering" a lot of users this weekend.
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By mikas
Thank You very much for your work, moderators.
Unfortunately it looks like the spammers are not done yet :(
By DGSketcher
So what's the source ex employee / contractor, North Korea, Russia or Autod*sk given v22 is imminent... :lol:

Totally pointless activity, but says something about the current state of human mentality. 7 billion people with their own opinion and one person thinks with the internet they can change & control the world.