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By daviiiiidave
I got an issue. Its appears when i open "unanswerd" "unread" "new topics.
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By daviiiiidave
yeah got it. there is post about it in the forum section.
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By Barry Kelly
It is spam.
I and the other moderators are banning the users as fast as we can but it is hard to keep up.
We are trying to get admin to ban or block these post automatically but no luck so far.
At least you don’t get an email for each of these - 120+ just now :!:

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By daviiiiidave
change the REcaptcha.
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By Ralph Wessel
An initial limit on the number of posts by new users, e.g. 1-2 per day, might help limit the problem. I noticed there were 400-500 junk posts this morning, all from new users