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By Moonlight
Hello Adminitrators,

I would like to point out that:
1- Many of your pages, is giving a a hard time for a lot of users (like myself), cause many of them would not connect and would give a connection error if they used Chrome / FireFox internet browser, and I had to install Opera browser just to see it.

2- You have so much forums and webpages to connect, that is turning to be quiet difficult to navigate in case someone needed something, I think you should put it all under one site address, it will be less problematic.

Thank you
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By LaszloNagy
Where do you get the information that there are connection issues for a lot of users? I have not received any such reports recently.
Can you paste the URL of some of the pages that do not load for you?

Also, I do not exactly know what you mean by "so much forums and webpages to connect", and that they should get them all under one site. The whole of ARCHICAD-Talk is under the domain.
Could you explain what you mean by that?
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By Moonlight

1- Not able to connect using Google Chrome or FireFox is a recurring issue, and I´m not the only one who usually suffers this set back, in fact a friend of mine was the one who discovered that when this happens, the only browser that made the connection was Opera.

2- Let's take an example about GDL, you have GDL forum under ArchiCAD-Talk and GDL central, I think it would be wise to have them under one site, and the same goes to ArchiCAD-Rhinoceros-Grasshopper forum.

3- Last week I tried to recover my password for ArchiCAD-Rhinoceros-Grasshopper forum, and there was no way I could do that, cause it said "The board administrator contact page has been disabled."

Screenshot of my trial to get into GDLcenter forum using Google Chrome.

PS: If you want my advise, you should see
Capture.PNG (64.88 KiB) Viewed 6877 times
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By LaszloNagy
Hi Moonlight,

Thanks for the info and screenshot. I got the following info from GS HQ:

You mention 3 sites:
1. Rhino-Grasshopper forum
2. GDL Central
3. ARCHICAD-Talk Forum

The Rhino-Grasshopper forum is no longer operational since it was operated only while the Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Connection was in beta. Since then it was closed and all questions related to the Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Connection are handled in their dedicated forum at the ARCHICAD-Talk site:

About the GDL forums: I think you are right, it would probably be better to have a single forum. I don't know the reason why 2 forums exist, to tell you the truth. I guess the guys at GRAPHISOFT thought it would be strange to have a GDL-dedicated site without a GDL forum? So now we have 2 forums, but I still see ARCHICAD-Talk's GDL forum being much busier.

About the login issues: For ARCHICAD-Talk you have one login. For the Rhino-Grasshopper forum and for GDL Central you have another login. This second one is called the GRAPHISOFT ID, and it is being used one more and more GRAPHISOFT sites and since AC22, even in ARCHICAD. So your login issues at GDL Central may be related to a GRAPHISOFT ID issue, where you could not connect to the GRAPHISOFT ID site for some reason.

If you could provide any more information about the issue, the guys at GS HQ will look into the situation.
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By Moonlight
About connection, it simply doesn't get connected unless I´m using Opera Browser, and if I try to connect with Chrome or FireFox, it shows that message, and I´m not the only one who have seen/suffered this.
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By Lingwisyer
Have you tried disabling all addons and plugins in Chrome? Maybe one of them is causing some conflict?

On a side note, I find the UI of the dedicated GDL forum to be severely outdated...

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By Moonlight

So I should uninstall a plugin in chrome that I need so that I can connect to the site, while countless other sites have no connection issues for all the plugins I have installed on Chrome !!!!
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By Lingwisyer
It was just a thought. Someone might have done some weird alternative coding whether that be in the forum or the plugin that causes an issue. Though even so, I would not think that that would cause the website to not connect, rather I figure it would just cause display glitches. Firewall / AV programs will also sometimes install a plugin into your browser that may block sites for various reasons, but they usually show a notification when that happens.

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By Moonlight
@Ling ...

that is why the guys in GS must fix it
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By leceta
Did you check your hosts file? May be its overwriting certain web addresses to incorrect IPs, probably to

for windows, you can check it out at: %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts