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By dushyant

I have all the notifications turned ON, but I still never receive any email notifications when someone replies to my post on the forum. Can someone please tell if anywhere else to enable it from?

Is the e-mail address in your profile correct?

By dushyant
Yes, my email address is correct in the profile on the forum.
I have checked in the Junk mail folder, no mails from the forum there.

I did not receive any notification by mail or even on the forum notification (Bell) on the top of the page.. I just have to every time manually check my posts for any replies :( , and this is very inconvenient.

Confirming no emails also. I 'watched' this topic, and got a notification when I logged in just now (red bug by the bell icon at top of AC-Talk page), but no email.
Interesting, because I did receive an e-mail for reply to this topic.
I also get e-mails to the sections of the forum I have subscribed to.

Maybe go into your profile preferences and turn all the notifications off, then OK to accept this.
Then go back in and turn them all on again.
Sometimes just forcing things to reset works.