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Hi Everyone,

If anyone of you have used or taken a tour by Rhino Forums on Discourse, you will have a good user experience using the forum, starting from the tools available to write and reply on threads, or sending private messages to your forum friends, searching for topics,or even having a dark theme when required, whether you used it on your PC, Tablet or Mobile.

But I can not say the same about ArchiCAD's forum, and as best I can describe them as lacking.

So please, either move the ArchiCAD-Talk to discourse, or create a clone ... because this forum have already shown its age, and the users experience that it's offering, is not that good.

An ArchiCAD user
Lingwisyer wrote: Mon Aug 31, 2020 2:50 am Showing it's age. And it was only overhauled just short of 3 years ago... and has been lacking since the get go. This forum is hosted by GS themselves isn't it? Which would probably reduce the chance of them jumping to alternate hosting.
But you can absolutely selfhost Discourse as well. And GS should really consider using it, it's the Gold Standard for forums!
I think there are even conversion tools which will bring phpBB to Discourse.

Anyway, we want the whole Discourse Experiance just as in rhino.

PS: There are other forums that have taken are using Discourse and have not implemented the whole package, it's still good, but not as good as that of of Rhino's