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By Mike96
I've always been confused which branch to pick to put my wish on, because I have some wishes regarding selection, rendering and other stuff that doesn't fit any tab - Annotation Wishes? No. Construction Wishes? No. So I just put most of my wishes to "General Wishes" tab but its desciption goes:
"Any other wishes not related to Archicad."
Why NOT related? All wishes I can see here are indeed related to Archicad. Why anything on this forum shouldn't be related to Archicad? If the topics were not obligatory related to Archicad, I could as well make a wish for solving world hunger and poverty problem.
What about changing the description to: "Any other wishes related to Archicad." ?
Sorry, I know this post may sound a bit weird, but the current description is at least deceiving.
Admins, move this post to a different category if you think it should have been posted somewhere else.