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By archimax
I have a very weird problem.
There are some elements in the project (walls, columns and doors) that interact with zones and other elements but are absolutely not visible in 2d and 3d. I can list them in schedule but they are refered as "locked" and can't be edited or selected.
The only way I found to delete these objects is by deleting their layer. But that's not an easy task since their layers contain normal elements as well.

Any tips welcome.
AC 21 5021

I have attached the file if anyone wants to play around.
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By fuzzytnth3
I tried resetting the renovation status of all the elements and ticked the box to "show all elements" but ArchiCAD kicked up this error. ... eDJjNJXtfk

I am wondering if at some point you had a Grasshopper connection set up but the elements have not been synchronised and or they have a renovation status that isn't in your file.
In the schedule in the file, it lists all elements as having a either a "New" or "Existing" renovation status so I'm not sure that is the problem either
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By archimax
Yep, you can't change the renovation status because those elements are "locked" somehow.
I did use grasshopper in that file but load-bearing elements were not used in any grasshopper defenition.
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By Barry Kelly
A mystery to me.
If I adjust your 'Test' schedule I can see there are walls, columns and doors.
All of these are locked and invisible for some reason.
When I schedule the min and max heights of the walls I see the min height is zero, which implies to me that something is cutting it (SEO or a trim to roof?) to a zero height making them invisible in 3D.
But they should still be selectable.