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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By MrScott
I have two instances of AC22 open. Each has a different plan. One new Plan A that I create a Zone and it displays just fine. In the other Plan B is an WIP plan where I want to use the same zone stamp so, here are my steps to create.
1) Imported the Zone Stamp from plan A (stamp displays correctly) into plan B.
2) In plan B I created the same layer and layer combination used, and set all parameters the same as A
3) Created the Zone in plan B and the zone appears but without the label. I compared all the parameters, in the zone via info box and the object settings directly in both plans and all are identical but not label showing up in the plan B.

Never came across this before and need some advise on what is happening here.

Check to see the model view options set for each file, it's found in the quick properties palette, and there are settings there to display or not display zone stamps.

I reworded it a bit to help others....Check "MODEL VIEW OPTIONS" CONSTRUCTION ELEMENTS tab and check the ZONE check box. If the zone stamp /label still does not show, select a SHOW ALL LAYERS (Layer Combo) then go back to MVO settings and then double check under CONSTRUCTION ELEMENTS tab and make sure check the ZONE check box.

Many thanks!