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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By ispyridis
I also want to make a wish for Graphisoft. When saving a project as module, to keep the project location. And when imported to another project to be able to be placed using project location data. This will give the opportunity to teamwork on cities. It will give GIS functionality to archicad. Imagine a teamwork project located on a bim cloud or server in the city planning department and every architect can place his project correctly in that large file.

Hi ispyridis, I'm trying to follow your instructions, but cannot obtain the desired outcome...
3rd translate the WGS84 values of the chosen project zero to Lat/Lon and use these values to define project location
I don't get this. I have already transformed GGRS87 points to WGS84, aren't those already La/Long? As far as Iknow Google Earth uses WGS84
4rth import relative coordinates you prepared in excel with import mesh from surveyors data. Now your site will be imorted on project origin.
When I import the mesh based on WGS84 the resulting mesh is placed on project origin BUT: 1) It is extremely small, 2) The conversion isn't done properly. Even when I scale it properly the distances between points are progressively losing accuracy. Notice that I checked the converted dimensions with Google Earth and they are correct.