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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By BrentMatthew
Hello All!

Is there a way to model a cycling track using ArchiCAD native tools?
I would like to have a 150mm thick concrete for the track.
The issue is the straight and the curve are at different slopes (see attached image).
I tried using a complex profile but, it would not connect seamlessly.
Any suggestions?
cycling track.png
the profile of the cycling track.

I would try with a complex profile associated with the beam tool

Like this :

As you can see I tested the same profile with the guardrail tool but it did not close properly
It possible to use the wall tool as well

By BrentMatthew
Thanks Christophe,
I may not have been clear on the cycle track design.
The track has two different slopes (as shown in the previous image), the 'straight' part of the track is 5.5 degrees and the curve has the 28 degree slope. The small 3D image is where the connection of the two slopes, this is where I am having the issue (see the full 3D image). As you can see, I did initially try the complex profile.
Track Perspective2.JPG
3D of cycle track using the complex profile.
I am hoping this could be solved with ArchiCAD native tools but, maybe I am asking too much?
By BrentMatthew
Hello Christophe,

Thanks for your solution. I will give a try!!
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By Steve Jepson
As with everything you model with ArchiCAD, how you model it depends on what you need to do with the model.
Are you going to generate a set of Construction Documents for a Cycling Track or just model a geometric representation of it ?
By BrentMatthew
Hello Steve,

Thanks for the link. This track will be outdoors.
The cycling track will be part of a Sporting Pavilion set. I wanted to model it to place it on the site to get the site levels correct (especially at the curve where slope is steeper) as well as have the sections correct and of course have it for 3D perspective views. It's more for construction layout but will be very useful for 3D coordination.
Would be nice to give the contractor an estimate of the volume of concrete as well. :wink:
preliminary track section.JPG
Preliminary track section
By BrentMatthew

I was asked to put the 'slope' on the curve and not have it on the 'straight section'.
I am trying it with the Mesh Tool, as I can't see an ArchiCAD tool giving me a single sweep and then allow me to lower one end to the lower 'strait section'.
Do you think it is the right way?