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In the settings for doors and windows there is the ID and Categories tab with ID, structural function and position.

The whole curtain wall is set to exterior but on the ground floor I have replaced a few panels with doors and classified them with all the related properties, however I am not able to define the position.

I need to have these doors show up in the schedule as exterior.

Could someone tell me how I can edit the curtain wall panel to add the position?
Unfortunately, the "Position" parameter is available only for the Curtain Wall element, but not available for any of its sub-elements such as Frames and Panels (a Door in a Curtain is a type of Panel). So, the best you can do is just create a Property called "Position", and make it available for elements with "Curtain Wall Panel" Classification. Make its Data Type "Object Set", and define the values "Exterior" and "Interior" for it.
Then this "Position" Property will appear on the Curtain Wall Panel page.

Yes I've sadly come to realize this. Thank you, but the problem with this solution is that I already have a column in the schedule for the actual position parameter for doors. Where the panels (which are classified as doors) are listed I get --- for the position.