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Is there a way to bulk change a layer's settings (visibility, locking, intersection number) across multiple layer combinations?

So I have a created a new layer, and want it to appear as intersection number 55 across all my 20 odd layer combinations. But currently I am having to enter "55" manually across all layer combinations individually which is a pain

Wish I knew this one too :(

At least, after you've fixed all the layer combinations, if you need the layer in another project you can import the layer and overwrite all the layer combinations through attribute manager.
If you select the layer on the right hand side(layer list) then its settings are shown on the left hand side(layer combinations List)

If you then change the number in the left hand side(layer combinations List), it is automatically changed that layer settings in that layer combination, you do not need to press the update button.

Also if you click on the lock or visibility buttons, they instantly change the setting of that layer for the layer combination you click in.

its not "Everything at once" but it does make it quick and easy to change the settings for a single layer, but if you are only doing 20 layer combinations, it would be less than a minute.
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You have to select the layer and then change it in each of the combinations you want to change it in.
No you can't change all combinations at once unfortunately.

Still it is better than the old way we had to do it.
Select the combination, change the layer setting then press the update button.
Repeat for each combination.
You can still do it that way if you want. :lol:

I am join this thread:
It would be really nice if we can get an option to work with multiple layers and multiple layer combinations at the same time.
Or if I am missing something it would be really nice if someone can explain me how to avoid hundreds of necessary clicks :oops:
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