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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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I have downloaded and installed Archicad as a trial version to assess it
and have been given a project file by somebody else .

When I try to open it , appears there is a LOCK on it as it was created by
another TRIAL version.

Does anybody have any experience of this ?

Is it possible to open the "Locked" project with a FULL or STUDENT version,
save it out so that I can open it?

Cheers Simon
Read this part of the relevant article the Help Center: ... al_License

Maybe you tried to open the file with the FULL version on another computer. Try to open it with the FULL version on the same computer you used the Trial version.

I've used trial version some time ago and have some projects built in it. Now I want to resume my work but unfortunately the original computer is not available — I had to install ArchiCAD on another machine. Understandably I cannot open plan files from trial version on this new machine. I want to purchase ArchiCAD license but first I want to make sure I can still access the files created with trial version on a **different machine**. Not sure what's the best place to ask this question...
I think the article is pretty clear about it: ... al_License

Trial Version

The license validity of the Trial version is only for 30 days. You are able to open and save only Full, Trial, and Solo files and only on the same machine they were created. The teamwork function is available for projects shared in the Trial version on the same computer.
File Format and Compatibility:
Files written by the Trial version are encrypted and can only be opened on the computer where they were created. After the 30 days period, the save function is disabled, but it is still possible to print. The files can be converted to full files by purchasing a commercial license and opening with the protection key on the computer they were written.

So, it seems to me that your only option here is to somehow get hold of the computer on which the files were created in Archicad.