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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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I am new to the stair tool and have found several videos on modeling stairs. Totally cool! But what seems to baffle me now is controlling how the stair looks on a floor plan from floor to floor. I have a U-shaped stair with two landings, one in each corner. Starting on the first floor I would like to see the start of the first few treads going up, but I want to see nothing above the break line. Then on the second floor, I would like to see the top of that same stair, but with the treads going down until the break line on the first floor. And there is a second stair going up from the second floor, which I want to show the same way as it does on the first floor and all floors.

The problem is that when I adjust the display on one floor it effect all others too. There may be a way to do it, but with all the settings to go through, I need experienced help. Any videos on floor plan display settings for stairs?
If you select the stair and change the floor plan display in the settings, it will affect only the stair you have selected.

stair_visibility.jpg (273.99 KiB) Viewed 334 times
Thanks. I dedicated a few hours to tinkering with the stair settings with multiple sets of stairs and was able to make it work the way I wanted.
I am using composites for my floors in an ArchiCAD 22 project that are as follows from bottom to top: bottom finish, structure, ply, a layer of gypcrete/in-floor heating, and finally the finished flooring. The top of ply is zero for each level but the gypcrete layer and finish floor add an additional 2 1/4" above the reference levels that must be accounted for when modeling the stairs.

I am working on my stairs and was able to get it to show on all 3 levels as I wanted (see below) until I added the 2 1/4" for the home story and top story offset for each run of stairs. Here is how I would like the stairs to display:

LL to ML run of stair:
- UP text only(no DN) on the LL with the walkline showing up to but not above the breakline and stair visible up to the breakline and then hidden above
- DN text only (no UP on this stair) on the Main Level with walkline only showing down to the breakline and stair visible down to the breakline and nothing below the breakline(this is where the ML to UL stair will show).

ML to UL run of stair:
- UP text only(no DN) on the ML with the walkline showing up to but not above the breakline and stair visible up to the breakline and then hidden above. (The tread layout/spacing is the same on the upper protion of the run to the UL as on the upper portion of the run to the LL, until the end where the UL stair turns 90 degrees to finish the run up to the UL. Where it is overlaid on the LL to ML stair it disappears since that is shown as solid lines down to the breakline.)
- DN text only (no UP) on the UL with the walkline and stair showing all the way down to the ML (since its all technically visible from the UL)

After adding the offset I have figured out how to show everything, except the UP/DN text per the stair, as i described above. The text either shows on both the top and bottom of both runs of stairs or not at all. I tried changing the display from "Home Story & 1 Up" to "All Relevant & 1 Up" and others but no difference. I would really like to avoid the need to add separate text elements if at all possible.