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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By Nathan Brauer
I'm using curtain wall to make a decorative tile band.

I've created a system, and apply it to a curtain wall, and its OK. But when I try to adjust the start point in the curtain wall, panel divisions disappear, and the pattern falls apart.

Any ideas? Right side of image is OK...
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By Carstenem
Yes that is a bit strange and should not happen. It probably happens because it tries to adjust " the left overs ".
What I mean is, if you have scheme columns width at 1 meter interval and the length of 1 wall section is 9.67 m as example and the next connection wall length is 4.36 m ( random numbers ) it won't be able to divide this clean by 1 meter obviously.

I suggest to draw each section of the curtain wall as separate entity this way it is more flexible to adjust each starting point.

Cheers Carsten
By Nathan Brauer
Thanks I'll give that a shot.