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By mbl
Is there any way of making requests/messages in teamwork more visible - even when not in the file? What I usually do (and what I advice to my colleagues to do as well) is that I move the request popup window to the middle of the workspace, so that the next time when it pops up, I can not miss it.

But the problem is when I work on several files at once and I'm in another file at the time. For bigger project we commonly use extra module files, extra file for situation plan, worksheet file, etc. And as a larger office, my colleague can sit 50 meters away from me or on another floor.

So it sometimes happens that I don't see any request and my colleagues must wait until I get back to the other TW file and see the request there. Isn't there a better way? Some sort of popup window/notification/flashing Archicad icon on the taskbar?
By mbl
Thanks Christophe, I didn't know about this option. I'll give it a try. Although I would still prefer if there was some visual notification so that I don't have to disturb others that much when I'm sitting without headphones.
I understand but I do not think there is another solution
When your work into a parameter window, the teamwork notifications are not visible
I wonder if macos could relay archicad teamwork notification by automator ? ... ion-1-0-0/

And MacOS is able to do a flash on your screen to notify you about a sound you don't hear or you can't hear
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