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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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I'm trying to achieve a curved soffit/facia, similar to the hull of a boat.
I've managed to create a custom profile which i can use as a wall or beam which is fine on straight runs of roof.
The roof design is a mono-pitch that adjoins a barrel vault on its tangent.
I would like to loft this curved soffit/facia profile around the entire edge of the roof.
Just to make things interesting - I'm using archicad 14!
Help would be much appreciated :)
bondarchitects profile.jpg
Hello bondarchitects,

Very nice picture !
Since Archicad 21 you are able to do this easily with a lot of different tools (beam, railing, morph)
I do this kind of modelisation with the railing tool and a custom profile
Since Archicad 17 you can use Morph tool :

With Archicad 14 it might be even more difficult :?
I was going to suggest Profiler Addon. Download here

However, I don't think you can set up a path in 3 dimensions with that, only 2.

GDL can do this, if you can work out the path coordinates, but this definitely will not be a simple object to script.

Does AC14 have profiled beams that can be used under an angle? Oldest one I have installed at the moment is AC15.
Thanks for the suggestions, gentlemen.

I also tried the profile manager which only allows assignment to walls, beams and columns.
You can rotate beams on their axis and angle the beam for 2 dimensions, then rotate on plan for a 3rd.
Theoretically I could go around the roof with small lengths and adjust the position of each one, possibly to tie into the short lengths represented by the barrel vault but this would take ages.

I was able to use a spiral object from 'basic shapes' to give me an idea of how it would look.
It's not accurate enough but it has highlighted that the idea is simply going to be very difficult and expensive to build so I've ruled out the crazy 3D curving spiraling soffit...

I thought of modeling the co-ordinates in Solidworks or ProDesktop and importing an object but this is the only instance archiCAD (and I) haven't been able to deliver in 15 years so i'm quite happy to continue producing architecture without spirals!

Thanks again for all the advice! :D
Waow excellent work, Hmooslechner!

Thank you for your effort, it's a very well put together tutorial and I hope other people will also benefit from it!

I had also come to the reality that the dimensions on the rear and side facia would be different.
It's something that could be overcome with timber during the build but due to expense, we will create a flush finish between the roof and cladding.

Perhaps as time progresses i'll update this thread with our progress but the curved soffit/facia myth has definitely been busted 8)

Nice work,Hmooslechner and greetings from Ireland!