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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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Hi all,

I've got a really 'funny' problem with a curtain wall I am working on. All is defined as it should be (panels, frames, scheme, ...) and when modeling in a 2D floor plan view, the CW looks as it was defined (with the right panel material on the right side (inside <-> outside), but when opening the 3D view, the whole panel seems 'inverted'. I cannot figure out how this happened or how to solve it. It happened in a fairly large project, with >300m2 of CW, all with custom (non repetitive) layouts, so 're-modeling' is not the most attractive option...

Any ideas?

(some screenshots to explain the issue better - from a testing environment where I copied the CW to)
2D grondplan.png
2D floorplan view
Frame settings.png
Panel settings.png
3D zicht 1 - vanaf buitenzijde.png
3D view from outside
This seems like a bug to me.
The 2D and the 3D of the Curtain Wall panel are not consistent.
I will report this to GRAPHISOFT.

Thank you for sharing the issue and I am sorry about the experience!

This is a known bug with the "CW Composite Panel 22" Library Part. The representation of the panel might be reversed in 3D.

This bug was fixed in a Library Update for ARCHICAD 22, so I would like to make sure that, the library is up-to-date. If the library is updated, but you still have this issue, the workaround is to use the mentioned Library Part from the INT version. You can find this .gsm file here.

Unfortunately, I don't have information about other Library Update, but I believe this defect is corrected in all ARCHICAD 23 version.

Please let me know there is anything I can help you with. Thank you very much!

Best regards,
I took the liberty of downloading the GSM file, putting it in a ZIP file and uploading it here (see attachment), because with time that Sharepoint link might become dysfunctional, but people will always find it here in this thread.
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Thanks for the response!

In 23 the issue does not occur.
We "solved" it in this project, by changing the projection mode of the panels to "projected" instead of "symbol"... Not the best solution, but still...

All AC-edition up to date. Today updated 22 to build 7000, but have not checked this issue yet, as it is "solved"...