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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By anto_bg
I don't know why but the vectorial fills do not function. I see them in the menu but when I try to apply them to the drawing, they appear like a black rectangle.
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By Lingwisyer
Check your Scale if they are scale dependant?
Check your Overrides?
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By anto_bg
They are all "Scale independent" and I changed the selected fill to "scale with plan (model size") but nothing changed. It's still black. Graphic overrides: No overrides
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By Barry Kelly
There could be a renovation filter active that is forcing an override.

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By anto_bg
These fills are problematic. Is there a way to copy/load the fills (the vectorial ones) from another file?
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By anto_bg
Attribute manager doesn't help....

These fills are such a pain in the ***

In some files there are no vectorial and symbol fills because they were initially .dwg files that I opened in ArchiCAD in order to continue working with them. The vectorial, symbol and image fills in ArchiCAD are missing.

I opened a blank document just to copy the fills from there and I hit another problem. Some fills, no matter how many times I changed their values in Fill Types appear black on the PDF. I see them when I zoom in but the zoom is 1000% , then I re-scale the fill in order to properly fit into the 100% but it becomes way larger and almost disappears as a pattern.....

I needed the gravel hatch from Autocad that looks like a stone wall but the hatch doesn't want to be scaled properly and neither does the gravel fill from Archicad. The latter remains black.

I'm clueless. :cry: The 2D fills are not supposed to be so difficult to work with.
By Braza
Can you open the Attribute Manager and save an .att file with just the fills?
By Braza
You can find all the info here.