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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By anto_bg
I don't know why but the vectorial fills do not function. I see them in the menu but when I try to apply them to the drawing, they appear like a black rectangle.
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By Lingwisyer
Check your Scale if they are scale dependant?
Check your Overrides?
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By anto_bg
They are all "Scale independent" and I changed the selected fill to "scale with plan (model size") but nothing changed. It's still black. Graphic overrides: No overrides
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By Barry Kelly
There could be a renovation filter active that is forcing an override.

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By anto_bg
These fills are problematic. Is there a way to copy/load the fills (the vectorial ones) from another file?
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By anto_bg
Attribute manager doesn't help....

These fills are such a pain in the ***

In some files there are no vectorial and symbol fills because they were initially .dwg files that I opened in ArchiCAD in order to continue working with them. The vectorial, symbol and image fills in ArchiCAD are missing.

I opened a blank document just to copy the fills from there and I hit another problem. Some fills, no matter how many times I changed their values in Fill Types appear black on the PDF. I see them when I zoom in but the zoom is 1000% , then I re-scale the fill in order to properly fit into the 100% but it becomes way larger and almost disappears as a pattern.....

I needed the gravel hatch from Autocad that looks like a stone wall but the hatch doesn't want to be scaled properly and neither does the gravel fill from Archicad. The latter remains black.

I'm clueless. :cry: The 2D fills are not supposed to be so difficult to work with.
By Braza
Can you open the Attribute Manager and save an .att file with just the fills?