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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By Zhihao1990
Hi, I am so new to ArchiCAD.

Does anyone know how to hide the contour lines once you have created a mesh? right now it looks like the file that I have attached. And is there any way to divide a mesh? Cuz I need to create the roads and squares.

many thanks. :D
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By mnguyen

First, I would like to welcome you to the forum! I'm glad that you have chosen to be part of our community and I hope you'll enjoy your stay!

From the screenshot, I believe you are viewing the project in the 3D window with 3D Style set to White Model? Unfortunately, due to the nature of the style, all contours are visible as black (by default), including the mesh ridges. You can choose to turn off the contour (View > 3D View Options > 3D Styles, then untick Show Contours), but it will also disable the contours of other building elements, making it difficult to see.

If you want to have the mesh contour disable, there is a workaround for that, although it will be a bit complicating:

- First, you need to duplicate the mesh, keep the copy version at the exact same position, then put them into 2 separate layers. We will keep one visible for 2D Floor plan/Sections/Elevations, and display the copy in 3D (click here to learn more about Layer Combinations)

- We will need to set up a completely white Surface to use as an override for the whole model in 3D. My suggestion is to duplicate an existing white surface (Paint - Titanium White for example), then modify it as the following (remember to set the Engine Settings to OpenGL):


- In 3D window, set the 3D Styles to Simple Shading (or any style that uses OpenGL engine)

- Now, click on the visible mesh in 3D, then open its Mesh Selection Settings. Change its Uncut Line Pen under Floor Plan and Section > Outlines section to a white pen

- The last step is to use a Graphic Override rule to replace all surfaces in 3D to use the surface we created. Here is where you can read more about Graphic Override.


Once you finish, hit OK. The Graphic Override combination will be applied, and the mesh will stay white without the contours.


For your second question, there are a few ways to model the road on to the mesh. I usually use these 2 methods:

- Divide the mesh into parts, then assign a different material to them:

- Model the road from Morph tool:

I hope this will help you in modeling the project. Let me know if you have any further questions!
Have a nice day!

Best regards,