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By Silvarch

I have 2 questions that i would appreciate very much if someone could help me with:

1) Why archicad doesn't let us make an elliptical stair with more than 360º? Even if i type in the total height and stairs, when i'm drawing it stops at 360º and doesn't let me finish it.

2) As the attached picture shows, i can't seem to get rid of that hatch in section. Why is that? :? I supose it is due to the fact it is an elliptical stair and since it is a curved surface, archicad have those lines to "show" it. But i wish i could just turn it off.

Thank you in advance! :)
Sem Título.png
1. Unfortunately, this is a limitation that Stairs cannot overlap themselves, this is why you cannot make it cover more than 360 degrees.
2. I am sorry, I do not have any suggestions how you could get rid of those lines. One workaround would be to cover them with Fills.