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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By Dyana Rose
Hi All.
Still a new AC23 user here, Windows 10.

I have already figured out that it is best not to use a complex profile and windows but what about information for window wells?
I looked in the objects and did not see any. I searched for videos or forums about this and still nothing.

How does everyone achieve this?

I did try making a complex wall and placing it in a hole in the grade. Problem I have just found is that I have to have my Elevation mark IN that grade hole so this won't work because I have windows on the other side that has a deck, I can't have that marker against the house like that.
I attached 3 image of what I did.
The other item is that on the elevation where the window is in the grade I would ideally just like a "U" shape CAD dashed line with window well required, easy enough BUT then I would still have the issue of the grade hiding the window.

Suggestions? Ideas?
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By Barry Kelly
I have moved this post as it is not really a discussion about Archicad, so does not belong in the 'Archicad+' section.
Please try to post to an appropriate section.

I don't have any real advise for you other than to model it as it is built.
i.e. are there walls around the well retaining the soil?

If you want simplified details in your sections/elevations (dotted lines representing the well), you can either overlay fills and lines, or create a detail or worksheet view in which you can manipulate the image without changing the 3D model.
Beware, these worksheets and details are not live with the model, and if you rebuild then you may have to re-do a lot of your work.

I would just overlay fills and lines in the elevation.