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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By KeesW
I am following the '2-Mass Modeling with the Morph Tool' on the Archicad YouTube channel. My results don't match those of the tutorial. Having created the 40,000 x 28,000 x 1,000 site I then move on to locate and create a Base Geometry, and the building envelope. The Morph tool is still selected and I activate the surface override to get the titanium white colour. Moving my curser over the bottom corner of the site, the blue circle doesn't come up and I am unable to draw the guidelines because the morph tool, being still on, insists on drawing a rectangle. Yet I've done exactly the same thing as the video tutorial!! I've obviously done something wrong but what??
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By KeesW
Have my blue circle now - needed to turn on the Snap Guide (not included in the tutorial instructions). But am still unable to draw a line and am getting a rectangle instead. Also, printed version of the video tutorial is slightly different but this may not be important.
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By Barry Kelly
You will be drawing a rectangle for the new morph, but you should be getting a blue guide line from the circle as you move the mouse at approx 45°.

The problem may be however that you have not drawn the original base morph from the project origin (0,0).
Not that it matters, just hover over the corner and press SHIFT+ALT and this will set the user origin.
Now activate the guide circle, move away and type X 14000 and Y 9000 and enter.
This will give the starting point of the second morph and you can now complete the rectangle and give it a height.

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By Lingwisyer
KeesW wrote:Also, printed version of the video tutorial is slightly different but this may not be important.

Where the printed tutorial is older and does not match the video tutorial, which is older and does not match the current version of AC... Zzz...