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Hello everybody,

I'm looking for some help in my archicad work. It's a really stupid problem but I don't know why it happens. Let's say I have to put a cornice around a square column, I want to use the wall tool with the chained method. Right? Now whenever I complete the perimeter, errors in the closure keep happening. Like part of the cornice itself disappear, or another time there are unwanted parts of the cornice which protrude over the correct edges. If only I move the new element away from the column, it appears in the right shape, perfectly closed.

I don't know how to fix that, if I try to build the cornice separately in the void, it works but then if dragged against the column errors would show up again. I also tried to use different elements succbd products shoph as building a beam or a slab… nothing changed. Different layers? no, it doesn't change.

I tried to use both simple wall and a complex profile, but the result is the same. It seems as if the software wasn't able to close whatever object around a given one.

I would be really glad if someone could explain me what's going on. Hope it was everything clear (I'm not native speaker)

Thank you in advance!
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Columns, slabs, walls & beams will all automatically trim each other based on the strengths of the building materials they are made from.

It sounds like what you are doing is correct.

You could try using stronger or weaker building materials to control what cuts what.

Or place the cornice (walls) in a separate layer to the column.
But make sure in the layer settings that each layer has a different intersection priority number.
When the numbers are different, the elements will not trim each other.

By ChrisB
Having suffered from similar experiences in the past, I suspect the issue occurs due to the overlapping reference lines I.e. the reference line of the cornice follows the outer edge of the column/wall. It seems especially problematic if the column/wall height extends above & beyond the base height of the profile.

With a complex profile, try setting the outside edge of the cornice profile as the reference instead. You can then draw around the column edge & offset (by the width of the profile) using the offset command.

For a wall, offset the reference line in the settings.