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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By atfonit
Unable to make a smooth chamfer on this morph. It was a stair - been converetd to morph and maniplated before turning back to a stair by saving the stair as new type.

Any idea WHY THE CHAMFER tool is not allowing me to select the lines in their totality in order to apply the chamfer radius? See photos.

Its the bottom line thats more of the problem. Top horizontal line has smoothed. Bottom however only works at one end of the stair -
radius to morph001.PNG
radius to morph002.PNG
Hello atfonit,

Did you try to draw a plan with morph tool before to pull it ?
Like a complex profile about wall, column or beam but directly with morph tool.

You are able to smooth your morph by this way :
Draw / Modify Morph / ... (there is a tool like Smooth but I can tell you cause I use a french archicad :wink: )
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By LaszloNagy
If it does not create the proper curve when you convert the Stair Tread to Morph, then you could just delete the curve to "heal back" that corner of the Morph, and then use the "Fillet/Chamfer Edge" command on that edge of the Morph to redo it.
I did this on the attached image and you can see the result on the Morph at the front.

By atfonit
How are you deleting the curve ?

I understand the principal but not sure how do delete the curve portion or any other portion for that matter without just deleiting the whole stair/morph
By atfonit
Thanks - by all means let me knw if FR. I use als at work a FR version of AC 23.

pas soucis....
merci d'avance.
By atfonit

fyi, The top line I could do, its the bottom one where it deosnt seem to like it.

The chamfer doesn't apply to the ccomplete line at the bottom but only the edges of that line.
By atfonit
Laszlo fyi : to be clear on this point. I have achived the same as you show for the upper chamfer - its the underside of the same stair/morph where there is a problem.

see attachment..
radius to morph01 GS talk.PNG
By Braza
Check if the line you want to fillet and all adjacent lines involved in the geometry have nodes where the arc will be. Sometimes there are little adjacent nodes that doesn't allow the fillet :?:
Hope that helps.