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Hi, I have a model of a church with many Corinthian capitals (more than 50) which I imported as library objects, the capital was a 3DS file. The PLN file is beginning to be unmanageable. Would I better manage it if I convert all these capitals into forms? Just a question. Any other option?

How detailed are the columns?
Can you show an image from 3D and elevation?

By converting to 'forms' I assume you mean 'morphs'.
This probably won't make too much difference as the resulting morph will have just as many polygons.
However, being a morph you are able to reduce the number of polygons.
The problem with this is it may change the look of the column as it won't be as detailed any more.

Take a copy of you file and try converting to morphs and reducing the number of polygons (segments).
There is no harm to your original file if you experiment on a copy.
Then if it works you can save it back as your original or go back to the original file and do the same changes may be better just in case you have messed something else up in the experimenting.

Morphs? Probably would not change much as all of the geometry would still be there.

In 3DS Max you could try using the Optimise modifier to reduce the poly count of the object before you import it into ArchiCAD.

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"morphs" are calle Forms in the Italian interface, sorry. will try to do it but I have a feeling it won't change that much because I tried some time ago. I guess mybest bet will be Rhino....
Morphs are more power intense than library parts.
My guess would be a too high polygon count to begin with, too.

Are those 50 capitals different?
If not there's your problem. If they are all, or mostly, the alike you can use the same object, which will help performance wise.