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A couple of layer combinations are not available from any 3D Document Viewpoints. They work all right for viewing and creating views. Any idea what the problem may be?

These layer combination names are MEP 3D Diagrams HCW and MEP 3D Diagrams DWV, so there are no long names or weird characters.
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By Ignacio
I first noticed this problem in 3D documents and thought there was something related I was not familiar with, but now I am getting them every now and then elsewhere too.

Right now I have a floor plan viewpoint open. On Organizer,
- from the Project Map, in 'View Settings and Storing Options', a layer combination I recently created does not appear in the pop-up list.
- from the View Map, I click on any given view, including the one that has given me the current viewpoint content, click below in View Properties Settings…, and the combo does appear in that Layer Combination pop-up.
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These three were taken one after the other, with no change to the view, which was showing that plan view. I have the full screen screenshot for each if it helps, thought they wouldn't fit inline.

[The view had been created with a 'custom' layer combination; I was going to fix that, but in order to be able to come back to its original content in case of screwups I had created 'TEMP - Electrical' from the current layer setup.]
1 Project Map.png
2 View Settings.png
3 View Settings layers.png
Is the Layer Combination visible in the Layer Settings Dialog?
What happens if you Send & Receive Changes in the Teamwork Project?
LaszloNagy wrote:
Sat Apr 25, 2020 3:11 pm
Is the Layer Combination visible in the Layer Settings Dialog?
What happens if you Send & Receive Changes in the Teamwork Project?

I just reproduced the procedure with two more views with the same need for fixing.

Yes the new Layer Combination is visible in Layer Settings, which is where I created it, and it sticked.

Something weird may be going on with Send & Receive (otherwise, with me). On my first new try I would swear it appeared under Project Map immediately after Send&Receive, but it doesn't after switching a couple of views (and I hadn't taken that screenshot because I was considering the issue 'solved'). So I tried with a new view in need of repairs, and it does not. Long term it doesn't stick.
I was wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that there are Views that you created, and there are Public Views, which someone else created and made Public.
None of those views were created by me. My only action so far was creating the layer combination based on the custom layer setup of views created by others, days or weeks ago. I have survived by learning that I need to not worry when my new layer combo does not appear under Project Map, and just assign it to the view settings from View Settings under View Map. That learning experience took probably 30 to 60 minutes of time and about two years of life expectancy.

First sign of trouble was not finding the layer combination under the Project Map, thinking “[censored] I am going senile I would swear I just created that layer combination”, opening Layer Settings, creating it again without even thinking of checking whether it did show there, and being unable to because a layer combination with that name already exists.