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At my office, we are using the Mac AC 23, all on Mojave. We are all using the same templates and profiles.

Normally, when you create interior elevations, a folder and the elevations are created in the Project Map. Then to make the views, right click on the folder and a folder is created with the views in the View Map. See attached.

But on some of the machines, when we go to make views, it makes the folder only, but not the views themselves. See attached.

There must be a setting on the machine itself. Using the same file it will not create the views on one machine, but on my computer it will. Does anyone know what the setting could be so we can create the interior elevation views on all machines?


Interior elevation folder only (issue).png
Interior elevation folder only (issue).png (19.75 KiB) Viewed 218 times
interior elevation folder with views (correct).png
correct way of making views
interior elevation folder with views (correct).png (35.59 KiB) Viewed 218 times
Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your question and I am sorry about the issue!

I'm wondering which ARCHICAD 23 build you are using? On 3003, there was a known defect with creating Interior Elevation: a blank folder would be created if the Interior Elevation is saved by using Save All Current Views from the context menu. The workaround was to use the Organizer then drag-and-drop the Interior Elevation group to the View Map.

This defect was fixed in build 4006. I would like to make sure that the latest update is installed.

Let me know if this helps you with the issue! Thank you very much!

Best regards,