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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By mukster
Archicad 23, MAC platform. Created a shape using the slab function. Can't get it to rotate around the X axis (i.e., flipping it 90 degrees vertically) So far, only able to rotate along the z axis
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By Karl Ottenstein
Slabs created with the Slab Tool do not rotate outside of the x-y plane by design.

Slabs created with the Roof Tool can be angled ... but not to 90 degrees...

If you want something slab like rotated 90 degrees from the x-y plane, that is the Wall Tool.

Maybe I'm not understanding what you are asking since these are basic new user things...?

If you are just creating a shape rather than a building element, you can rotate/edit Morphs any way you like, similar to SketchUp shapes. You can start with a slab or whatever and convert it to a Morph.
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By Lingwisyer
mukster wrote:
Thu May 07, 2020 11:26 pm
Creating a corbel, which has a more intricate pattern than just a straight timber. Doesn't work with the wall tool.

Use a Complex Profile or two with the Beam or Wall tool to create your general shape, then merge to Morph to blend and adjust details? Depending on the level of detail, it could become really heavy though...

Do you have an image of what you are trying to create or similar?