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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By PBI Rookie

I am using Archicad 21 and have been struggling with cutting a sheet profile to match a polygon. Essentially I want to keep the profile that fits the drafting lines and everything outside of the polyline gets deleted or separated. The only way I've found that sort of works is going into an elevation and dragging each node to drafting line so as not to warp the profile but instead cookie cut the sheet to match the shape. It is very time consuming but works. Any help would be appreciated thank you!
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By mikas
Use a slab like the shape of your polygon and do a SEO (Solid Element Operation) cut, and then convert your morph element to morph element again. Works with AC22, and I believe with AC21 too, not absolutetly sure though. Please just go ahead and try it.

I use complex profiles for these, then cut them with SEO, and then convert them to morph. And I keep my complex profile design in a safe place in case I need to change the profile on use some other kind of polygon to do a SEO cut.

You could use just complex profiles, do a SEO cut, and hide your SEO layer. Sometimes, or at the very end of design, you might want to simplify those SEO's out of the equation though.

edit. ok, my example is the negative of your design, but surely you got it.
By PBI Rookie
Thank you for the help, it worked perfectly!