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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By KeesW
I've drawn a section through a building including 2 floor slabs, They were drawn at the same time, using the same settings, lines, etc. Yet one is heavy and the other is light. Why?
Floor slabs why light and heavy.JPG
Light and heavy slabs
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By Barry Kelly
This probably is not the answer, but is the light slab actually slightly behind the section line, and is therefore not actually getting cut?

Or is there some other element (another slab or a beam or wall - could be in a hidden layer) that is automatically trimming the slab away?

Actually I think that will be it.
I just tested 2 slabs in the same place and in section you do not see the perimeter lines of the cut slabs.

slab_in_section.jpg (13.36 KiB) Viewed 89 times