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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By Too Long
Hi guys.

I work it a small business whos archicad template was built in AC13 and never developed for the following releases but rather just opened in the new version of archicad and saved.

The issue I have is with the Legacy feature.

When the legacy feature is on the beams dont intersect correctly.
When turning off the legacy feature the beams work correctly but all of the walls disappear in elevation.

Can anyone tell me why and how to fix this please?

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By Barry Kelly
They shouldn't disappear unless they are being trimmed by some other element that has a stronger building material.
It could even be trimmed by an element in a layer that is hidden.

Also check that you do not have duplicate walls in the same space.
They can trim each other away so you will not see them in 3D.
The trims do not show in plan which is why you still see the walls there.

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By Barry Kelly
Also check that your elevation does not have a renovation filter active that is hiding elements.

By Too Long
Hi Barry. Definitely not trimming and not the renovation status either.

The elevation view has "show all elements" set for the renovation status. I have drawn two separate walls, one set to New and the other set to Existing and they both disappear when the legacy settings are turned off.

Thanks for your help so far but do you have any other ideas at all?
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By Barry Kelly
So you see the walls in plan and 3D as well?
But they disappear in elevation.

Is the elevation heights limited and the walls are outside of this range?
Not sure why legacy would affect that though - I am just guessing a possible cause.

Otherwise I think I will have to see the file to try and figure it out.
Can you 'Save As' and delete everything except the walls that don't show?
Then zip the file and attach it here or share it in the cloud somewhere.

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By Barry Kelly
Got the file - thanks.

I am overlooking something that I can't put my finger on (it has been a long week!).

Your walls are there in elevation - you can select them.

However it seems they do not have any perimeter lines in 3D.
So you can see the surface but not the edges.
Your elevations are set not to show the surface colours, so you are not seeing anything at all.

If I copy your wall to my file, the perimeter lines are missing in 3D.
If I copy one of my walls to your file it is fine and shows in elevation.

So the thing I can't put my finger on is why your walls have no perimeter lines.
It is something so obvious I am just overlooking it, or it is indeed a glitch.
Does anybody else have any ideas?

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By Barry Kelly
It has something to do with your building materials.
Note, building materials didn't exist in 13.

If I duplicate one of your BMs and than add that as a new skin to your composite, it still doesn't show.

But if I create a new BM without duplicating, it works fine, even when I set it to use the same settings as your BM.

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By Barry Kelly
Just had a thought and it worked.
Start Archicad, then go to the FILE menu and choose open.
Browse for your file but tick the "Open & Repair" option.

It will say something has been repaired (but not what exactly) and your walls will now have perimeters again in 3D.