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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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Hey team --

The crux of my issue is that there seem to be missing decimal places in my Roof pitch parameter when I change the pitch display from "x:12" to degrees. This becomes an issue when I create angled beams and want them to exactly match the roof pitch, but I'm limited to 2 decimal places for the beam and can't get it to quite match the roof. (see att; apologies for the quality)

I figured out that if I enter the roof pitch manually in degrees, this is no longer a problem. But since this adds a step to my workflow (and it could easily trip up unsuspecting users and give them misaligned elements), I waned to check if this is a known problem? Could the solution be as simple as adjusting my global units so that more decimal places are shown for the roof pitch? But as far as I know, my control of unit rounding doesn't extend to element settings or parameters.

Roof Q.jpg
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Go to Project Preferences > Working Units > Angle Unit and change the Decimals to 4. This only affects the dialog box units, the dimensioning units are controlled under Project Preferences > Dimensioning... I have most of my Working Units set to the maximum decimals to help with maintaining accuracy as I work.

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