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By Archimamamia
Thinking about trying to start an ArchiCAD User group in Santa Cruz California. We, if it gets off the ground, can use Room 715 at Cabrillo College, Aptos, California. This is the room where ArchiCAD is taught during the spring/fall semesters.

Need to, if possible, get a list of the users in this area in order to either call and/or email them with an invitation to attend. How would I get this information? and/or how do I proceed?
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By Link
You could try getting a list of users from your reseller. Most resellers guard their lists with their lives from my experience (especially the US ones), so it may not be as easy as you think. :roll:

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By s2art
Just wondering.... if your reseller is not willing to divulge their list, can you get them to contact those on the list, telling them your proposal, and with your contact info on it so they can get in touch with you directly if they're interested?