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By Erika Epstein
Yesterday I had the opportunity of attending the Eureka Tower talk. Graphisoft is sponsoring David Sutherland's (He is the Director of Planning for Fender Katsalidis Architects, Melbourne, Australia) road show and I strongly urge everyone to catch it. The project, the presentation, what they did, it was absolutely brilliant!

How they used ArchiCAD starting with site analysis, project team set up and to communicate throughout the process encapsulates why the Virtual Building is the way to be practicing. Their innovative approach to how to set up the project with hot-linked modules breaking it into mangable subteams or 2-3 people, using 3D to communicate within the entire project team including consultants and the client throughout. To varying degrees most of the team are GDL literate and this was key to their ability to accomplish what they did and do in the rest of their work. Their approach to how they practice architecture is to constantly question and seek or resulting in new and better ways to work.

It is the best presentation I have seen of how to make the most of ArchiCAD and the Virtual Building. David's presentation was superb.

Mark Sawyer of Graphisoft was there. Thank you and Graphisoft for making this happen. I hope there will be more events like this. It was an eye opener for ArchiCAD users present as well as future.