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By Link
...and I'm gonna get married! :D

See you all in a couple of weeks!

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By Jay Garbarino
Yes, this is exciting! Congratulations. I could Joke and say that it is good that you are chose Sat. and Not Friday (April 1) to get married. Actually I like April 1, because it is the day back in 1994 that I started my business.

We will all "miss" you presence here. Come back soon. Second though... take it easy for awhile. Not that for you this is not easy.... :?
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By Djordje
Link wrote:...and I'm gonna get married! :D

See you all in a couple of weeks!


All the best!

Does the bride know that she is marrying ArchiCAD too? ;)
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By Fabrizio Diodati
Hi Link,

first of all, congratulation also from your Italian friend but...
Take care, the dog comes with her?
I also felt in love with a girl with a dog (also the dog is a female!) and I learnt that I will be always the second one in her thoughts... of course after the dog!!!

:D :lol: :D

But, at least, when we have a quarrel... the dog always agree with me!


I attached a picture of her dog (of course the dog thinks I am the master the girls doesn't! it's a very smart dog)... to see the girl you should pay!
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By Aussie John
HeyMate congrats!!!! enjoy a break too
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By ~/archiben
congrats link mate! see you soon . . .

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By Wendy Hoechstetter
Congratulations, Link! Best wishes for many long and happy years together.

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By Jefferson
We've had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth and Link's excitement is more than understandable! It's all good now!

Congatulations Mate! :P ............and now that you're safely on the way I'll post this..........that bright eyed, excited look we all recognize!
a boy.......a girl.......gif