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2 Day ArchiCAD Clinic During the Dream Cruise Weekend in Royal Oak, MI USA: $365.00 includes both days.


We will be presenting the material in such a way that it is NOT intended to be hands-on. We will be going over a lot information quickly. We expect most users to have a basic knowledge of ArchiCAD.

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Day One: ArchiCAD for Automating Production

A Little GDL goes a long way - 2 Hours

* What is GDL and how is it used in ArchiCAD
* Why you don't have to 'know' GDL to use it.
* The Handful of commands used to customize your work.

Schedules, ID's and Automatic Labeling - 2 Hours

* Interactive Schedules
* Automatic Labeling
* How to use User ID's to tie together Interactive Schedules and Labeling

Automating Production Strategies - 2 Hours

* Automate Production
* Templates for ArchiCAD and Plotmaker and then Link them.
* Strategies for incorporating standard details
* Relative Autotext
* DWG file exchange
* Publisher to automate the distribution of files to outside consultants
* Teamwork
* Module Files

Day Two: Digital Visualization

Visualization Basics - 2 Hours

* Basics
* Vectors vs Raster
* Lighting and Materials
* The balance between Quality and Speed
* The basic steps to any Photo Rendering
o 1. Model
o 2. Rendering
o 3. People, trees and after effects

ArchiCAD can take you pretty far - 2 Hours

* Camera Tool
* ArchiCAD rendering
* Sketch Rendering
* Automating with Publisher
* Animations
* Rendering Engine
* OpenGL
* Virtual Reality Objects
* Virtual Reality Scenes
* Photo Insertion

Taking Photo rendering to the next level - 2 Hours

* Beyond Photo Realism
* Piranesi
o Humanize your digital rendering
o People and trees
o How to keep your cutouts when your model changes or when your view changes
o Painting reflections
o Layering