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ACUW 2004 is now over and I, for one, had a great time. Since I was a presenter and I love public speaking this was a bit of a foregone conclusion, but I got the clear impression that my sentiments were widely shared. I think I'll leave it to others to report their impressions in more detail (which I encourage all to do). I am more than a bit biased myself and I would love to read other's impressions. Besides I am really just killing time at DFW while I await my flight to JFK.

Cheers all, and see you in Nottingham,

thought it was a bit quiet around here . . . your daily average must have dropped big time! :D

see you in nottingham!

Yes, ACUW was a great experience. I enjoyed meeting all the ArchiCad-Talkers that I only knew from interacting on this forum. My hat's off to Duane for all his hard work in putting this event together and hanging in strong throughout the three days. I know how much work is involved in something like this, and if there were any screw-ups, they sure didn't show. From my vantage point, everything came off as smooth as can be. Duane's presentations on advanced modeling and especially construction documents were superb and worth the price of admission alone.

Dwight, Karl, Matthew were all good, the facility worked well, and the food was far better than I've had in similar situations. My only regret is that I didn't make either of the GDL presentations, so I still don't know didly squat about scripting objects. :(

2 1/2 days seemed like just the right length. To go longer, I would have needed at least a half day off for some R&R. 'Round about 2:00 Saturday, I started slowing down a bit. It was good to get home, see the kids, and play a round of golf today before getting back to reality tomorrow.

Thanks again to Duane and all the presenters.
Duane Valencia is a great event organizer, host and presenter! ACUWest was an excellent opportunity for me to advance my skills and talk with a lot of experienced users. It's exciting to see how many different directions people can take ArchiCAD, and how sophisticated it can be in skilled hands.

My only regret was not being able to be in two or three places at one time due to the parallel tracks of simultaneous seminars. I think the best remedy will be to encourage Duane to do this again in 2005.

In the meantime, I'll encourage anyone to get over to Nottingham UK or Irvine CA in September for more of David Nicholson-Cole. (Alas, I'll be in southern Africa instead.)

Cathy Roha
TomWaltz wrote:OK, I'll join in too... it was a great experience, and well worth the time and trip from the East Coast.
Was great to meet all of you ... and to verify that neither Tom nor Cathy look like their forum Avatars. :D No cartoon characters to be found.

I agree!!! Awesome time! It was good to be back at Cal Poly where I received my Bach. of ArchiTORTURE.
I really enjoyed the "tribal" sense I felt from all the users. Archicad either requires or changes people into a unique bread of intuitive digital artiists. Myself, being a Mac user, I have always felt that tribal user culture amongst other users of the Mac platform but ACUwest was a comforting experience that there is another group of nuts out there just like me. :-)

I hope we can all keep in touch through Architalk and via email:

PS. If anyone has access to some of those digital pictures that were taken I can change my avatar.....finally. :twisted:
I just realized you are the tan-less surfer. Great meeting you too!
Erika Epstein wrote:Jeff,
I just realized you are the tan-less surfer. Great meeting you too!
Ditto. Good meeting you there, too, Jeff. Now I see why you've got the Halloween avatar ... you were MUCH scarier in person. ;-)