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So today while I had ArchiCad 24 open, I had a sudden power cut. As a result, my PC shut down while I was working on the program.
After restarting, I tried to re-open Archicad and got presented with a
"Cache File Opening Error" at the start-up screen. It reads,
"Error while opening the file: C:\Users\Username\Graphisoft\TWData\TWDataOptions.xml"

I can click "OK" but it just pops up again until I force the program closed.

I have tried to re-install, but the same issue comes up again.

Any suggestions for a fix?
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By nbalogh
Hi Sejal,

I'm sorry to read about your issue.

Did you try to delete the xml file from the path?

I think we don't delete the TW Data folder and its content when you uninstall Archicad, so this case if the xml is corrupted, a re-install does not solve the issue.

Kind regards,
Hello Sejal,

I'm happy that Noemi was able to solve your issue!

As a new user - and a reminder for others reading this: PLEASE make your topic subject as complete and informative as possible so that knowledgeable people will answer, and people with a similar issue can find the thread and the answer later.

You'll see that I've changed your original subject "AC 24 Issue" - which pretty much is meaningless to:
"AC 24 'Cache file opening error' at start-up" which precisely describes your problem.

Welcome to the forums.