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Forum dedicated to students; the Archicad Student/EDU version; and GRAPHISOFT’s educational policy

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I have an employee with an educational license under her own graphisoft ID. She also has a graphisoft ID under her company email. When she logs into the license manager with her company ID, downloads a commercial licesnse, then goes to ope a company solo .pln, she gets the message that archicad is running int educational mode and will convert the file to educational version. She tried logging in with her company ID and re-downloading archicad 24, but same thing. What is she doing wrong?
The basics:
- an EDU install can only create edu files and it will convert regular files to edu.
- a Commercial install will switch to EDU when opening an edu file but will not convert any file from one type to another
Solution is to reinstall AC using the commercial license user. This will let her connect without issues and AC will switch to edu once an edu file is opened.
More complex and unnecessary solution is to do have 2 installations in 2 different folders using different GS IDs (edu and commercial).