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A few years ago i had a educational license and i played with archicad quite a bit, designing houses nd whatever came into my mind. Now i am working and i have a commercial license for archicad 12.
In my spare time i continue to play with archicad.
The problem is that i would like to use some of the stuff i designed in the educational version in my more recent projects.
Considering that the projects that i am playing with have no commercial purpose, i am not rejecting the option to convert a project started in commercial to educational in order to be able to copy/paste certain objects, like a pond, a gazebo, some interior furniture and things like that.
Since i don't have a educational license any more to just open the file and automatically convert it, is there another way to get around this problem?
Or is there a way to extract certain objects from the educational pln so that i can use them in a commercial version?
I know i can start over and design again all the objects but that would be tedious.

Thank you very much
As long as the EDU files were not made using the .pne format (up to AC09 I believe) you will be able to open them in AC12.

If you do AC12 will switch to Educational mode until you quit. You will not be able to copy paste between Commercial and Edu versions.

If the files are in .pne format AFAIK you can only open them in the original Edu Version.
No, no. That's not the problem.
As i told, i have some projects made in archicad edu.
Now i am still playing with archicad but i have the commercial version.
I also have some projects made for fun, but in archicad commercial. It is in those projects, made in commercial archicad that i want to incorporate pieces made in archicad edu. That's why i would like it if there was a method to convert my commercial plans to edu plans to be able to copy from the older projects.
Ok, going the other way is easy open the Edu file first and either merge the Commercial file into it or have 2 sessions of AC running one with the Edu file and the other with the commercial and you should be able to copy/paste between them.
If you open the commercial file in the EDU version and save it, it will be saved in EDU format.
Then you will be able to copy-paste stuff from that file into your other EDU project.
I don't mean to be rude, but i think that i am not able to get the message out right.
I'll try again:

I have some older projects in edu format and some new projects in commercial format.
I want to merge parts of the old edu projects into the new commercial ones.
Since the new commercial ones have been made for pure enjoyment, i don't mind converting them to edu because i can still work with them even after the conversion.
I do not have a edu version of archicad in wich to open the files in order to convert them.

Is there a way to convert at least part of the older edu files into commercial or to convert the commercial file into edu without a edu licenced archicad?
Looney wrote:...or to convert the commercial file into edu without a edu licenced archicad?
Why would you need to convert to edu if you don't have an edu license?