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Looney wrote:I don't mean to be rude, but i think that i am not able to get the message out right.
I'll try again:

I have some older projects in edu format and some new projects in commercial format.
I want to merge parts of the old edu projects into the new commercial ones.
Since the new commercial ones have been made for pure enjoyment, i don't mind converting them to edu because i can still work with them even after the conversion.
I do not have a edu version of archicad in wich to open the files in order to convert them.

Is there a way to convert at least part of the older edu files into commercial or to convert the commercial file into edu without a edu licenced archicad?
One thing is for sure: You will not be able to get any data from an EDU file into a commercial file. Also, it is not possible to convert EDU to commercial.
Plus, only the EDU version can convert a commercial file into an EDU file. A commercial version cannot do it.
I shall try again. It seems that either i am not able to explain in reasonable terms the actual problem, or the people reading are not able to understand.

Just to be sure you understand my point:
- I am aware that i cannot copy between edu and commercial
- I am aware that i cannot change edu to commercial
- I am aware that i need a edu licence to convert a commercial project into a edu project
- I do not have a edu licence
- I have a commercial licence

I use a commercial licence sometimes for fun, designing things for my own pleasure. I want to incorporate certain elements that i designed for fun and pleasure in other plans that i am designing now. Since i do not have a edu licence now, how can i do that.

If anybody can answer my simple question or help me in any way the help would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much.
So if you are aware of the points you listed and you actually believe that they are true then you already know the answers:

It is not possible.
It is not possible to create a a commercial version from an EDU version. That we already know.
So you would need an EDU version to create EDU version from a commercial version. This way all your files would be in EDU version and you could copy-paste between them and use your EDU objects in all of them.
But if you are not in university anymore then you are not even supposed to use the EDU version anymore. Not even for converting commercial version files to EDU for fun.

Look, I don't know if you think there really is a way but we just don't want to tell it to you, but there is no other way.
There is actually a way. I just have to find someone that has a edu version. I'll send them the plans and he-ll convert them for me and send them back. This solution, i knew from the beginning, but thought that there might be another way around the problem.
Furthermore, it might be illegal for me to use a edu version now, but i anyway can't use one, since i don't have a registration key for one and since i already have a commercial version, wich is superior to the first. :)
Looney you are just contradicting yourself (check Matthew comment). But reading between the lines, what you want is to convert edu version to commercial version :roll:

This is simply not possible. Even though you have good intensions that possibility can be abused for commercial purpose...Sorry :wink:
Some people on this forum are plain dumb. Not all of them, but some really lack plain logic skills.
There is no "between the lines".
I shall explain one last time.
When i was in college I had an educational licence (i used to work then with autocad for fun, like some people like to watch sports).
I designed some houses, and some furniture to go along with those houses.
They are in educational version. I still have them.
Now i work for a company that gave me a commercial license.
I still have the idiotic hobby of designing houses in my spare time (even though i am a civil engineer).
I still design houses, but now i use the commercial licence (even an idiot would guess that, since i am not a student and do not have an edu license).

I would like to use some of the furniture i designed years ago in these houses.

I know the versions are not compatible, but since i am not interested in the commercial value of my designs, i am willing to downgrade irreversibly to edu the projects in order to be able to use past objects.

In light of fall this, fnderimo you are one of the ones of wich i spoke earlier.
The only possible solution still remains to find someone with a edu licence who can convert my commercial houses into edu and give them back to me.

Is there such a gentleman here?

Thank you very much and sorry for the rough language, but i am at the end of my patience.

P.S. If you can't help, or have no clue about any possible solution, please refrain from writing.
What seems dumb to me is to take eight posts to explain something simple and still not be clear. It seems you understand all the issues here but continue to act as if no one is answering your questions.

One last try...

You don't have an EDU license and are not eligible for one. Therefore converting COM files to EDU is useless to you.

You do have a full COM license which you can use for your own amusement (I assume you are aware there is no legal obstacles to using a COM license for fun ;) )

You have some old furniture parts you made in EDU which you wish to use now.

Your choices seem obvious:

If the furniture parts are written in GDL you could get access to an EDU version to open the furniture parts and copy/paste the scripts into a text editor to be later pasted into COM version parts. You will also want to take screen shots of the parameters lists if they are complex or extensive. You may also be able to get the scripts you need by just forcing the parts open in a text editor but you won't (as I recall) get the parameters list this way.

It may be possible to export the parts as XML from the EDU in which case you could import them into the COM version.

If the parts are modeled and not scripted you may be able to export them as DWG or 3DS. I am not familiar enough with the EDU version to know if this is possible.

If none of this works the simplest thing would be to just remake them from scratch in the COM version. Since you are doing this for your own entertainment you could just decide to have some fun redesigning your old stuff.

All of this foolishness could have been avoided if you had been clear in the first place. Something like...
Looney wrote:I have some furniture I made in the EDU version which I would like to use for some non-commercial projects now for my own amusement. Is it possible to get an EDU license for this even though I now have a full commercial one? If not is there any way I can get these parts to work with my COM license?
No one on this forum is dumb, though anyone can occasionally act that way.