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Sorry for my english it's not my primary language.

So this is my scholar project. I'm using archicad 18 64x.
I must finish it till 19.02 when i have to give it with others my semestral projects to my Professor, so please help me...
Everything was normal till i go to printing defaulting(publication tab), I have done everything same as in previous buildings but this time something just went wrong. All my 2d views(stories, sections, elevations) changed it visuals: now they are in other colour pallets - mostly black/white(mono). Line preferences have changed too-thickness. Next are doors sight lines-now they are straight lines-no bowlines. prints have same issue, looks same plus markers options have changed(doors,windows)

Can anyone fix it?
i Attach 3 files in zip folder. One named "ruined" its currently this one with the issue.
Second named "normal" is other my project which is what i want too look like that "ruined" one. I tried copying ruined to normal project and replacing afterwards it seems all looks like it should but i lost almost all surfaces-invisible walls- this one file i named "copy". I dont know what else to do... I just want my visual and all other settings like before same as in my previous project.
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I think it will be beneficial for you to learn about Pen Sets and the various settings that are stored in saved Views.

The problem is simple: the Views that are the sources of your Drawings placed on Layouts use a Pet Set that is basically a Black & White Pen Set. You have to change the setting of those Views to use a normal, colorful Pen Set.

In the "ruined" file do the following:

1. Go to the Layout Book and activate Layout "A.02.5 Arkusz"
2. Select the Drawing in the upper left corner.
3. Right-click and from the appearing context menu, select the "Modify Source View Settings" command.
4. In the Appearing View Setting Dialog, in the Pen Set field you have "04 Budowlane 100 (Cz-B)" set. Change it to "03 Architectoniczne 100". Then click OK.
(You can also go to the Options\Element Attributes\Pens and Colors Dialog, where you can see the various Pen Sets within the Project. There you can decide which Pen Set you want to use with your Drawing, maybe "03 Architectoniczne 100" is not what you want, there are other ones that are not Black & White)
The Drawing is now displayed in color.

Do the same thing for all Black & White Drawings on all Layouts, one by one.
thank you for yuor reply.
well it works-once more thank you, coloristics are little other then in my other projects but its ok, i will remember it. it looks good with stories in layout.
Can you help me with other issues?
first if you will comparise "ruined" to "copy" in layouts or just project map to layouts in "ruined" you will see all my furniture have dissapeared in layouts and in project map they are other then before- they are somekind like squares - you cant see what exactly they are.
Next problem-walls after changing to "03 architektoniczne 100" are now transparent in stories views. if you will check it closer you will see floor pattern thru it but its smaller issue then in project map, walls are here transparent too- in elevations and even in 3d persective, what is big problem cose i cant actially see what im doing-cant finish then...
Next are markers on windows and doors i wasnt having anything like that before it just becomed - and here they are. Actially they are ok for me but they are such big that my professor wouldnt be able to see/read anything out of my project.
Please check out my"normal" one it looks copletely diffrent.
Is there any option too applie all the settings from one project to another?? or import it to other one with applieing all preferences. Anway so all the settings will make it look same in other. If i will lost layouts, views map, publications its ok i will make it one more time just want to have project map same as before(looking/preferenced)
Did you solve all your other problems as well?
The disappearing furniture are because they are either not visible because their Layer is hidden (set in the Layer Combination that is part of the saved View used by the Drawing placed on the Layout) or your Library containing those Objects is not linked to the Project.

The Walls are transparent because of Model View Options settings, namely the Override Cut Fill Setting in the Model View Options Dialog. This is another setting that is stored in saved Views.

About the Window Markers: select all Windows and in the Window Settings Dialog go to the Dimension Marker panel. This is where you can set the size of your Marker, its Geometry, Marker Text, etc.

Yes,it is possible for many settings to transfer them from one Project to another. In case of elements (in our case, Windows), you can copy-paste from one Project to another, then acquire their settings and apply to other elements. So go to the "Normal" file, select the Wall with the Window in it, press CTRL+C to copy it to the Clipboard, switch to the "Ruined" file, press CTRL+V to paste it to that file. Then ALT-click the Window to acquire its settings, and CTRL+ALT+click on other Windows to inject these settings into them.

Pen Sets are attributes. Attributes can be exported to/imported from other ArchiCAD files in the Attribute Manager Dialog.

Model View Options can also be transferred because in the Model View Options Dialog you can export them to an XML file and import that XML file into another Project.

(If something is not clear, please look them up in the Help files for more detail)