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Hi there, I'm a fairly advanced user but have returned to university am using an educational version for my studies. At work, I often use a workflow using modules. For some reason, the educational version of Archicad publishes modules as .mde file extension instead of a .mod extension. I could work around this, but that file type actually isn't an option when you're trying to place modules. I can change the extension manually in explorer and the modules work fine, however if I am regularly publishing and updating modules this is an inefficient workflow. Is there any way to publish .mod files out of the educational version?
If you are using the EDU version you cannot (and should not by license agreement) share info with the "Pro" version.
The question is if you are using Modules for your EDU projects and if the AC (EDU version) cannot read them because the extension is MDE instead of MOD. If this is the case then, besides that being a BUG of the EDU Version, you should use regular PLN's as Module files instead. With this you should be able to keep everything working smoothly.
I don't have my EDU version installed right now so I cannot verify that I am correct.
IIRC, the EDU version can only hotlink EDU module files. You cannot mix and match commercial PLN files or MOD files with regular ones, although you should be able to import them and save them as EDU format (not the other way around).